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Robotic cell for palletizing boxes with finished products

Cell with a collaborative robot for automated loading of the gluing machine

Mixing and dosing of components

  • Complex automated control systems for production processes of liquid and bulk products in chemical and food industries;
  • Automated accounting systems of liquids or powders products. Interplant and commercial accounting;
  • Development and production of specialized technological equipment for automotive industry: automated filling systems for conveyors, pressing and rolling stands , manipulators for various objects, installations for automated assembly of multi-component parts and aggregates;
  • Machine vision system for product quality control;
  • Robotic cells for assembly of components, gluing of components, applying primeres, tagging.Flexible, multi-use, very easy reconfigurable production sites on the basis of robots and robots;
  • Software products for special tasks, written according to the individual requirements of the customer.JAVA and C++programming languages.