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Pallet Stacker Dispenser

Pallet Stacker Dispenser. Stack height up to 2.4m

Pallet lift

Lift for pallet up to 2500kg

Pallet rotary table

Pallet rotary table up to 1500kg. Version with roller or chain conveyor

Slat conveyor

Slat conveyor allows to transport pallets weighing up to 1500 kg.

Module of orthogonal connection of roller and chain conveyors

Chain conveyors for pallets

Chain conveyors for pallets up to 1000kg

Shuttle Roller Conveyor for Pallets

Shuttle roller conveyor for pallets weighing up to 1500kg.

Roller conveyor with electric pallet leveler

Roller conveyor with electric pallet leveler up to 1500kg

Slat conveyor

Slat conveyor for embedding in the floor (flush)