Upgrading of existing equipment,updating of management systems.

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Modernization of equipment.


The main objectives of the equipment modernization:

1. Extending the service life of the equipment by replacing failed components and / or systems;

2. Improve the existing equipment characteristics: performance and accuracy improvement, reduce power consumption, control simplify, and so on;

3. Adding new functionality: quality control (use of technical vision systems), automation of moving processes (robotization), making changes in the design and control system to work with new types of products.


Types of works:

- the restoration of the technical documentation;

- restoration or development and production of parts and mechanisms;

- making changes to existing software, or writing a new one;

- addition of the control system, or its complete replacement;

- selection and replacement of instrumentation;

- laying of communications;

- connect the equipment to the high level control systems;

- supplement the equipment with various modern systems: robotics, vision systems, marking, rejection, and so on.


The company "Equint" LLC implements a wide range of tasks, which allows you to upgrade equipment of any complexity. We upgrade both domestic and foreign-made equipment.