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Industrial manipulators and transport systems for various issues.

The equipment is designed to capture and move various heavy and / or oversized items. The weight of the load is compensated by special pneumatic balancing systems. The manipulator grips are designed individually for specific User tasks. As a rule, manipulators are made either in rack-mounted or in suspended-mobile (mounting on beams/rail guides) versions.

Easy-to-operate and maintain manipulators allow you to quickly and reliably move large and / or heavy loads on the territory of the working area.

Specialized equipment for pressing or rolling

The equipment consists of semi-automatic or fully automatic stations for pressing or rolling parts. The main task of these installations is to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce the human factor in the process of pressing and / or rolling parts. Additional high-tech systems ("smart" sensors, technical vision) for quality control of final products guarantee a high degree of protection against possible defects in serial products. According to the Customer's requirements, the equipment can be integrated into an existing production line.


Semi-automatic or automatic assembly tables

Designed to automate the installation and/or gluing of components. The tables are equipped with all the necessary safety systems and quality control systems (control of the availability of options and components, technical vision for the final measurement test, etc.)

Filling stations

The main purpose of the equipment is to fill vehicles with technical liquids during the assembly line. The stands are designed for a specific car model, have a high degree of automation, and are easily integrated into the existing control systems and MES systems at the factory.


List of vehicle systems that can be refueled by our stands:

- hydraulic brake system;

- hydraulic clutch drive system;

- engine cooling system;

- air conditioning system;

- hydraulic power steering system;

- fuel system (Diesel);

- exhaust gas treatment system (AdBlue).

Non-destructive testing equipment

It is intended for testing individual components and finished products. The test stands can be operated separately or as part of a production line.

The equipment allows to perform the following measurements/tests in automatic mode:

- measurement of forces, torques;

- control of geometric dimensions;

- measurement of vibration and noise levels. Vibro-acoustic analysis with mathematical processing to determine the state of various components in a complex mechanism;

- leak control, leak measurement, filling volume control;

- temperature control;

- cyclic testing of equipment in various operating modes (simulation of the equipment life cycle).