Producer of high technology equipment for various industries

We offer the following services

We offer the most advanced technical solutions in the field of production automation

Software development

Software development,Programming PLC, SCADA, HMI, Robots and etc.

Schems development

Schemes development (technological, pneumatic, montage and electrical)

Design and development

Design and development technological equipment (3D-models, drawings)

Design and development of cabinets

Design and development of technological and electrical cabinets

Production of equipment

Production of specialized automatic machinery and equipment

Aftersales service

Aftersales service for your complex equipment

Electrical installation works

Montage and connection of equipment, laying cables


Modernization existing equipment, updating control systems


Pneumatic grippers

Standard pneumatic grippers for holding a sprue. The pneumatic gripper is used in the production of plastic products (mostly die casting) to fix a sprue or finished products.

Robotic cells

Automatic filling stations

Automatic filling stations for filling technical liquids (Freon, cooling liquid, brake fluid, motor oil and etc)

SYOMEC Conveyor systems

Test stands / benches for mechanical nodes and units

Our specialists


Our incredible united team with considerable experience is ready to solve problems of different levels of complexity and focuses

Our work

Our specialists performed the following works

  • Complex automated control systems for production processes of liquid and bulk products in chemical and food industries;
  • Automated accounting systems of liquids or powders products. Interplant and commercial accounting;
  • Development and production of specialized technological equipment for automotive industry: automated filling systems for conveyors, pressing or rolling stands , manipulators for various objects, installations for automated assembly of multi-component parts and aggregates;
  • Machine vision system for product quality control;
  • Robotic cells for assembly of components, gluing of components, applying primeres, tagging.Flexible, multi-use, very easy reconfigurable production sites on the basis of robots and robots;
  • Software products for special tasks, written according to the individual requirements of the customer.JAVA and C++programming languages.

Our clients and partners

Among our customers are large domestic and foreign factories.

Enterprises of the automotive industry;

Enterprises of the food industry;

Factories for the production of household chemicals.

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Nizhny Novgorod, Fabrichnaya st. 2B