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   EQUINT LLC is an advanced research and production enterprise, successfully competing with world leaders in the area of industrial automation and special machines.We are actively working throughout the Russian Federation.The main industries are automotive, chemical, and food processing.

   Our pride is a great well-coordinated team with an impressive experience, ready to solve problems of various degrees of complexity. EQUINT LLC is a reliable and results-oriented partner.Our credo is to solve problems, rather than to avoid it.Our company is continuously developing and growing. Our specialists offer the most advanced technical solutions,strict discipline and well-designed business processes allow us to implement them accurately and on time. We should also mention our efficient service team, whose specialists are always ready to help in the shortest possible time: perform equipment diagnostics, fix a problem, and advise the client.

   The results of our activities are more than 200 successfully implemented projects, excellent reputation, only positive customer reviews.

  Equint LLC is the official integrator of OMRON Electronics LLC.