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Pallet Stacker Dispenser

Pallet Stacker Dispenser. Stack height up to 2.4m

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    The pallet dispenser is designed for automatic formation of stacks of empty pallets up to 2.4 m high. The stacker has the function of both forming stacks in automatic mode and issuing one empty pallet at a time (to disband a stack of pallets).

  • Technical characteristics
    Name of the parameter Parameter value
    Electrical power supply, V, Hz

    ~ 3х380/50

    Power consumption, kW 0,75-2,0
    Pitch of the rollers, mm 152,4
    Conveyor height, mm 700
    Conveyor length, mm 1500-6000
    Useful width, mm 940-1140
    Load capacity of the lift, kg 400


    Operating temperature range +10 …+40 oС
    Humidity, % 10…80


    Warranty  12 months



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Pallet Stacker Dispenser