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Application software development

  • Application software development (java, python, c++)

Application software development (java, python, c++)

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    Equint Company provides services for the development of its own applications for top-level systems (PCs).
    The application integrates into an automated system, collects information from PLCs of any manufacturers, processes and analyzes it.
    The advantage of the applications we are developing is a broader functionality for processing, storing and visualizing data compared to the standard capabilities of SCADA systems.
    Functionality of developed applications:
    1. Real-time data acquisition and display from PLC;
    2. Implementation of HMI management systems;
    3. Data collection and archiving of data in MSSQL, MySQL, ORACLE and other databases, etc.;
    4. Generation of reports, protocols in publicly available formats according to customer forms;
    5. Logging of the system status, operator actions, notification of system errors and emergency situations;
    6. Implementation of client-server architectures, system backup tools;
    7. Cross-platform applications, the ability to function on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Application software development