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Non-destructive testing equipment

Design and development the non-destructive testing equipment. Testing the separate parts and whole finished products. The testing equipment can work separately and as a part of production line

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    Non-destructive testing equipment. It is intended for testing both individual components and whole finished products. Test benches can work both separately and as part of a production line.

    The equipment in automatic mode allows the following measurements / tests to be carried out:

       • measurement of forces, torques;

       • control of geometric dimensions;

       • measurement of vibration and noise levels.

    Vibro-acoustic analysis with mathematical processing to determine the state of various nodes that are part of a complex composite mechanism;

       • tightness control, leakage measurement, refueling volume control;

       • temperature control;

       • cyclic testing of equipment in various operating modes (simulation of the life cycle of equipment).

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Non-destructive testing equipment